About Us


LEMOOM is a clothing sales business. We are established in 2022.

We promise to provide customers with quality-assured clothing. The types of clothing we sell include: Four Seasons Menswear, Womenswear, Clothing Accessories, etc.

We promise you:

1. Quality: Our clothing materials are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. We regularly check the production quality of the garments in the factory.

We strictly manage the warehouse to ensure efficient logistics and transportation.

2. Price: We never inflated prices, we want people to get their favorite clothes at affordable prices, it's a treat for our customers, we'd love to see that.

3. Service: Whether you have any questions before or after purchasing, we will sincerely, actively and seriously solve the problem for you. We always put the customer first.


Email : service@lm-ec.com 

Tel : 0086 13071030735  

Address : Room 203,2F, commercial corridor, R & D Building 5, Western University Science Park, No. 11 Changchun Road, Zhengzhou hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan province,China